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Frequent Flyers Friend – An Airline Mileage Credit Card

With the world becoming a global village the number of business trips that we make has increased exponentially. Business executives are always on the move and airlines constantly seek new ways to cater to their needs. One of the means airlines use to promote loyalty and reward frequent flyers is by way of the mileage schemes.

A frequent flyer credit card program is a straightforward loyalty program that allows users to accumulate miles when they travel and exchange these miles for a free ticket or upgrades. Most frequent flyers choose a dominant airline for most of their domestic or international travels and then accumulate mileage points. This is a win-win situation for the frequent flyer as well as the airline – the carrier benefits from the extra mileage the passenger uses by flying exclusively on the particular airline and the passenger gets freebies which he can use either for himself or for family.

The frequent flyer program is normally tied into an airline credit card. The card allows the buyer the added convenience of buying his tickets on credit and simultaneously clocking the number of miles earned. Using an airlines credit card is convenient, economical and beneficial to frequent flyers.

Many of the airline cards offer a bonus mileage – when you make your first purchase- this will give your mileage accumulation program – a flying start! Many of the airline credit cards offer double the mileage when you spend on the card in establishments such as super markets and gas stations. So, you keep on accumulating miles for your next holiday, even if you are not flying to earn them!

Apart from Airline mileage credit cards, there is another variety of credit cards that will help you accumulate points – these are called bank sponsored credit cards. These help you accumulate and use miles you earn in any airline. This opens up possibilities for a frequent flyer as he does not have to stick to one airline, and can choose the most convenient airline to fly while still earning valuable miles. These cards also sometimes offer other advantages – for example they might come with a lower minimum journey length to qualify to add miles! Choose the option that suits you best after a through online search of the features and the offers of different cards.

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